Dear Cheyney University Community,

Homecoming 2013 demonstrated, once again, the commitment and dedication that the CU Alumni have for the future directions of Cheyney University.

I am taking time to write this email because I want all of you to know—faculty, staff, and students, that the alumni have invested in the future success of the students of Cheyney University. They have demonstrated their belief in the words of the Alma Mater:

“Hear the pledge thy children offer,
Strong of hand and clear of brain,
When thou callest, Alma Mater,
Never shalt thou call in vain…”

This weekend we received numerous checks for scholarships for CU students including $50,000 from the CU National Alumni Association from President Junious Stanton which are the proceeds from the 175 Gala. An additional $25,000 from the Gala has already been distributed to students for “last dollar” scholarships. We thank the alumni for this generous gift. As you know, the CU Alumni Association also surpassed their $1,000,000 pledge they made a couple of years ago. It is my understanding that the CU National Alumni Association is now working on a $2,000,000 pledge for scholarships.

Additionally, during Homecoming 2013, there were other individual checks such as the $5,000 check from Alumnus and NBC Washington News Anchor Jim Vance for a scholarship in honor of Alumna Vivien Vance Cherry—the oldest living CU Alumnus. Ms. Vivien Vance Cherry graduated from high school in 1929, enrolled in West Chester State Teacher’s College, and returned to Cheyney University in 1956, at the age of 42, to complete her degree at Cheyney University. Ms. Vivien Vance Cherry is also the aunt of Chief of Staff Sheilah Vance who is contributing to the scholarship in her honor.

Colleagues, we have also received over $230,000 from the CU Foundation this year to help support athletics, the band, and the cheerleaders. We thank David Alston for his leadership and stewardship.

It is our plan to use these precious scholarship dollars to attract the most talented students to Cheyney University who will persist and graduate.

It is important to note that where there is sacrifice and generosity, there is also responsibility. We must demonstrate our commitment also to the mission, strategic goals, and future success of Cheyney University. Each day we can add to the forward movement of Cheyney University by raising the bar on our personal performance and professional practice. In order to increase enrollment, we must work together as a team (remember team work makes the dream work) to provide the best quality education, the best support for the teaching and learning environment, and the best customer service to the next generation of leaders.

Please, also, join me in thanking the alumni for their dedication to Cheyney University and for supporting the next generation of leaders through needed scholarship dollars!


Michelle Howard-Vital, Ph.D.
Office of the President
T: (610) 399-2220
F: (610) 399-2415