Dear Alumni,

As you have probably noted, Cheyney University has self-imposed a two year probation because we found unintentional NCAA infractions regarding student eligibility. We have been working with legal advisers since January 2012 to properly investigate these infractions and to report them appropriately to NCAA.

NCAA is still conducting interviews with staff. We have followed advice of counsel and released a statement imposing probation on ourselves.

While this is very regrettable, and we do not plan to go here again, we must follow the advice of our counsel and act with integrity.

The University has a new AD, Ruffin Bell, and a new compliance officer, Sue Killian. We are working with every effort to insure that everyone is informed about NCAA rules and that we add more safeguards.

We care a great deal about our image, and we care even more about our student athletes.

We ask that you help us keep this story in perspective and support our student athletes who graduate at a higher rate than the average rate for students at CU. We are proud of our student athletes, and we will do everything to ensure that they are supported next year.


Michelle Howard-Vital, Ph.D.


Office of the President

T: (610) 399-2220

F: (610) 399-2415