heeding cheyney's callTo All Cheyney Alumni and Supporters:

“Heeding Cheyney’s Call” (which is a name based on the lyrics of the Cheyney University Alma Mater) is a widespread and broad-based coalition of students, alumni, faculty, staff, regional civic leaders, and many other active supporters.

It is the original and official Cheyney University organization that was formed to preserve and enhance this historic institution with the goal of “parity through equity”- relative to Pennsylvania’s thirteen traditionally white institutions- by engaging in social activism, by pursuing political recourse, by filing lawsuits, and/or by any means necessary.

For information regarding who we are and what we are doing, please review the attached June 19, 2013 letter that the Steering Committee of “Heeding Cheyney’s Call” sent to the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. And for information regarding the continuing legal basis for our activism, please review the attached September 23, 1980 Federal Civil Rights lawsuit complaint.

In addition, please refer to our Facebook page at “Heeding Cheyney’s Call,” our Twitter account “@HeedingCheyneys,” and our website at “heedingcheyneyscall.org.” Our email address is heedingcheyneyscall@gmail.com and our phone number is 215-552-8714.

Please spread the word. And please join us by expressing your support for our efforts.


Steering Committee of Heeding Cheyney’s Call

Heeding Cheyney’s Call Complaint

Heeding Cheyney’s Call Letter