The Cheyney University National Alumni Association’s Past Presidents Council sponsored a successful Leadership Development Retreat on Saturday June 25 in Marcus Foster Hall. Barbara Daniel Cox planned and organized the retreat with the assistance of Greg Benjamin the Director of Alumni Relations. The CUNAA Executive Board chipped in providing funding for the food. The retreat was attended by officers from the Pittsburgh, D.C. Metro, Philadelphia, Chester City, Delaware State, Delaware County, Campus and Montgomery County chapters as well as representatives from the Harrisburg and Southern New Jersey, the Cheyney Foundation, Men of BACA, Cheyney “C” Club.

The retreat was a day long working session. Small break out groups were conducted by several CUNAA past presidents to share best practices for presidents, vice presidents and treasurers, membership, homecoming and PR. Ms Sharon M. Paschal the CPA retained by the CUNAA Board spoke on the need for timely and accurate chapter filings so she can file the CUNAA taxes and prepare her report and recommendations to the Board. Ms Paschal promised a thorough report to the Board in sixty days provided the chapters send the needed information. Past President Dr. Sandra Merritt Countley reviewed the new Policies and Procedures manual to which all chapters are expected to adhere. David B. Alston the CEO of the Cheyney Foundation shared the role and function of the Foundation as did the presidents of Men of BACA (Jeff Montague) and the “C” Club (Robert Hunter).

Throughout the day the energy and camaraderie remained pleasant and positive and Barbara Daniel Cox kept the attendees on task and purpose.

Cheyney University faces numerous challenges, retreats and leadership training sessions such as this will provide the skills, support and synergy needed to move our beloved Alma Mater forward.

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