You are more than you think you are. Really!

Part of living with peace is claiming that our power and courage serves us well in discovering our natural talents. Facing the notion that we are more than we think are may feel self-serving—but isn’t our path to finding our true selves a powerful journey?

We come into this life with natural strengths and gifts that help us to move beyond the challenges that we face. When we focus inward to find our true selves we discover clues that reinforce that there is more we can do in to live an authentic life.

How do you find out who you really are?

Rediscovering or discovering your authentic self is like going on an archaeological dig. It requires acceptance of what you will discover about who you really are.
Here is what I believe—Finding your authentic self is claiming that you will say “yes” to whatever it takes to discover the “real” you and say “no” to values that do not work anymore.

I love this quote by Judy Garland, “Always be the first rate version of yourself, instead of the second – rate version of somebody else.”

You are a unique and special person with gems buried deep inside you. Let’s uncover those riches for the world to see.

Coaching Tip

Pick a quiet time for yourself.

Describe a natural strength that people often comment, “You make it look so easy.” Maybe it feels natural for you to speak in public or maybe you write great poetry or make the best cakes in town. Whatever it is—writing your strength begins knowing you are more than you think you are. This is “power.”

About Dr. Barbara Collins

Barbara is certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and Advanced MBTI-Mid Life Development. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association. Barbara is currently an adjunct faculty member where she teaches a graduate leadership course at a college in Pennsylvania. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and The Society Inc. (an organization that promotes youth in the arts). She is the author of It’s Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It! You can learn more about her by visiting