In fact, we need your help in spreading the word that Cheyney University is opening a new residence hall in January 2012, and a new science building will be following shortly thereafter.  It is important for us to increase our enrollment to at least 2,000 talented students to ensure our continued viability.

Over the last month, Eric Almonte, Provost Ivan Banks and I have been visiting various legislators to also tell the good story of Cheyney University in Philadelphia.   Additionally, I have written a blog entitled, Cheyney University—A Needed Resource in the Commonwealth,,   ; Please feel free to share this blog.  It is the judgment of the leaders here at Cheyney University that we will gain more ground with reminding others of our positive contributions to the Commonwealth.  Thus, please tell legislators, policy-makers, and significant stakeholders of the University how Cheyney University has contributed to your life.

We certainly can use help  from our alumni in relating the positive story of Cheyney University.  We hope you do this by visiting and writing your legislators.

Here are some other facts about what is going on at the University:

1. Last week,  all fourteen institutions sent the same letter to their faculty.  This letter states that retrenchment could be possible given the proposed Governor’s budget.

2. All State System institutions have been advised to engage in workforce planning and to work with our collective bargaining units to discuss potential scenarios given the possible budget cuts.

3. Our budget is driven by enrollment.   For example, if our enrollment peaked at 2,000 students, we would have much more money to balance our budget.  We must bring in talented students and retain them through graduation.

4. University College is beginn ing a program of intrusive intervention.  University College is funded by Title III.

5. Many of the Board of Governors members could change—because Governor Corbett has yet to name his replacements.

6. Regarding the future direction of the University, we want to protect our teaching and learning environments.   We want to have services where there are students.  With that stated, we plan to think creatively about how we can move forth in a very competitive environment.

1. If we stay the same in our academic offerings, and in other areas that support the teaching and learning environment, we are falling behind.

2. We will work to develop our Centers of Excellence in Communications Media, Fine Arts, and Entertainment Arts and in Natural and Applied Sciences. These centers are helping to distinguish us.

3. We are in construction now on the first residence hall that has been built on this campus in 30 years because the Board of Governors believed in our ability to expand our enrollment and continue to serve the Commonwealth.   New residence halls usually help increase enrollment.

4. We are moving the ground to erect a new science building to support our efforts to develop more STEM graduates.   This is also the first new academic building built in about 30 years.

5. We are in beginning discussions about building a n ew Cope Hall.  We can use your letters and visits to legislators to make sure a new athletic facility becomes a reality for Cheyney University.  Our students deserve such a facility, and a new facility will help with recruiting.

6. We are celebrating our 175 anniversary.  This is an opportunity to tell th e good story of Cheyney University and to raise needed funds for scholarships for students.  Our goal is $1,750,000.

We look forward to working with the dedicated and commitment alumni of Cheyney University.


Michelle Howard-Vital